Enable enterprises and startups to cross the innovation chasm

Enable enterprises and startups to cross the innovation chasm while reducing innovation leakage (Mud

FinSoftAI Solutions

The big problem that we aim to solve - enable enterprises and startups to cross the innovation chasm while reducing innovation leakage (Muda)!



We endeavor to positively change the current status that is summarized by the following statements from various sources:  

  • According to HBS Professor Clayton Christensen 95% of all product innovations fail and according to the startup genome report 92% of all startups fail
  • According to the Mckinsey Global Innovation Survey, only 6% of executives are satisfied with their innovation performance
  • According to an Accenture Survey, 82% of organizations run innovation in exactly the same way as they would go about achieving an incremental performance gain
  • Venture Capital Firms have long taken a portfolio approach. They know that a vast majority of startups will fail, so they need to get outsized returns from the few that succeed!

About Us



Your trusted partner with Global reach, adding value to Startups and Enterprises.

Basic Tenents: Innovation, Co-creation, Ecosystem Leverage, Technology first approach 

Technology specialisation: Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Internet of everything (IoT), Blockchain.

Our Offerings

Innovation Marketplace

 • A  win-win fintech ecosystem that enables enterprises and startups to cross the innovation chasm, while reducing innovation leakage (muda)!

 • Allows startups to focus on what they do best - innovation and product engineering.  Leave the rest to us. 

 • Combines the innovation and agility of startups with the distribution, compliance and capital provided by corporate enterprises!

 • All this while retaining the distinct cultures across enterprises and startups!

Offerings for Enterprises


• Leveraging  distribution to get innovation to market

• Work together to identify pain points

• Classify solution approaches against pain points

   - Build in house

   - Co-create with an early stage Startup

   - Leverage and customize solutions in partnership with startups

Offerings for Startups


• Fintech Expertise/Consulting

• Application Customization (Professional Services) 

• Application Mashups

• Test Automation 

• Application Support (Level 1 and Level 2) 

• Infrastructure Support

• Cloud Hosting

• Marketing

 - Events, Blogs, Videos, Collaterals

• Sales

 - Ecosystem Leverage, Cross Selling and Up Selling Opportunites

• Virtual CFO 

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis


A unique sentiment analysis framework that will:

 • Plug and play across different information sources (news, social media, chat rooms etc.)

 • Sentiment indicators across multiple financial asset classes for different business needs

 • Render information through multiple channels including an API interface to enable further processing by our customers using quantitative models

Meet our Team

Shailendra Abhyankar, Founder & CEO

Shailendra is an experienced Fintech leader possessing a combination of skills that can help enterprises and startups ideate, build, operate, & market differentiated products and services. He is a Global Delivery & Innovation champion, who has led Technology Centers in India, East Europe and US. 

Prior to founding FinSoftAI, he was responsible for Bank of New York Mellon’s Innovation Centers in India, while being the Site Leader for their technology center in Pune. He also led the banks  Markets Technology & Eagle teams in India.

Shailendra was with SunGard (now FIS) for about 10 years, where he led their Global Solution Centers in India (Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai). He was responsible for integrating their newly acquired center in Tunis while championing a Global Engagement Maturity framework ensuring successful global delivery across shores. During his leadership, the India center incubated several new products.

Shailendra had a long innings with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). He led their Global Delivery Center (GDC) in Budapest, Hungary. The GDC had a multi-cultural team with employees from 20+ nationalities. During his leadership, TCS Hungary was recognized as the best IT employer in Hungary by Hewitt Associates. He joined TCS in the R&D function and wrote Compilers, Translators, & Application Development tools. He began his career as a software engineer with C-DOT

He holds an M.E. (EE) from IISc, Bangalore & B.Sc (Physics) from Pune University. He has completed an Executive Leadership Program from Cornell University.

Shailendra has a keen interest and understanding of AI, ML, Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, and the India Technology Stack, and how they are creating new Fintech led opportunities.