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Launching SSi Beat – Don’t miss the Stock Beat!

To arrive at the right decision, should I listen to my heart or follow my head? I think it has to feel right and make sense.  Research shows that decisions are made through a combination of cognition and sentiment. The rise and  influence of social media, growing social media volumes, and the power of crowdsourcing, […]


FinSoftAi Youtube Channel

Announcing the launch of our FinSoftAi channel on YouTube. Please subscribe and like our videos. Staytuned for more videos! Click here to visit our channel Do if our solution interests you and you need any additional information.Happy Viewing!

Social Sentiment Insights – Use Cases

Announcing the launch of our new video – SSi Use Cases. This video aims to outline how traders and investors can use Social Sentiment Insights (SSi) to generate unique insights that can multiply trading gains. We introduce 5 powerful use cases, specifically: How you can use SSi to generate unique insights specific to a financial […]

Social Sentiment Insights – Roles & Functionality

Announcing the launch of our second video – “SSi Roles & Functionality” This short video outlines the functionality, roles and workflow supported by the Social Sentiment Insights (SSi) Institutional platform. Shows how: SSi can be used to derive unique insights from news, social media and internet search volumes. SSi fosters collaboration amongst Portfolio Managers, Research […]

Social Sentiment Insights – Overview

Announcing the launch of our very first video. This short video provides a high level overview of our Social Sentiment Insights (SSi) Solution from a functional and technical perspective. It highlights the problems faced by institutional investors and how SSi solves the same. The video answers the question: What is SSi? Do if our […]

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