Software Engineering Intern

About FinSoftAI

We are an early stage Fintech startup. Our broad mission is to help customers cross the innovation chasm!  

We are building a unique AI & Blockchain powered Equity (Stock) Research & Trading platform that will empower institutional investors to gain real time insights that multiply trading gains while managing risk and improving compliance.

The platform enables transparency and improved collaboration across Traders, Research Analysts, and Portfolio Managers while ensuring that trading actions & strategies are aligned to the firm’s objectives. Our blockchain powered consortium fosters collaboration across like-minded firms using our product.

Internship Duration

3 months full time. Could be extended or converted to employment. 100% remote working with regular online audio and video meetings.


  • Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or Electronics.
  • Exposure to Machine Learning, Blockchain, Python, Dash, Javascript, Highcharts, NLP API’s (IBM Watson NLU, Google NLP),  AWS and Heroku is highly desirable.
  • Good communication skills (both written and oral) are necessary.
  • Enthusiastic learners who can think creatively, raise questions, and research items as necessary. Possessing a “Can Do” attitude to build quality code at a high velocity.

Work Description

Being a startup, our work environment and feature priorities are dynamic. We have tons of work and the work will involve some or all of the items listed below:

  • Explore and develop Natural Language Understanding capabilities to extract sentiment and insights from free format text, audio and videos sources.
  • Improve the current deployment for our hyperledger blockchain – both functionally and technically. For example – move the current vanilla implementation to use a  hypeprledger managed service (AWS or IBM), move from Docker Swarm to Kubernetes
  • Implement basic Product Administration functionality
  • Design custom ML Sentiment Engine. Design transfer learning features using third party sentiment dictionaries.
  • Improve the UI and backend pipeline.
  • Setup and maintain the demo environment etc.

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Software Engineering Intern

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